Vital Health Products 


The Vital Health Products’ head office was established in The Hague, the Netherlands in 2007, and the business was set up by Anton F.M. Bende Ergonomist (ME).  We develop, produce and distribute products and offer services with the goal of promoting people’s health and quality of life, based on general breathing techniques. Integrity, openness and innovation have central roles in the development and distribution of our products and in our approach to our business relations. Our products are well-received by specialists and end-user in the field and the number of support centres in Europe and elsewhere is growing. Most products are patented or protected.

Thanks to this international interest we have the opportunity to add top-quality products to our creations  development,  and distribute them worldwide. We do this in cooperation with our distribution partners in Europe, North America and Asia. Production is mainly in our own hands, and services such as information for coaching and guidance within our specialism, have been and are being developed internally and jointly with third parties.


How can I find out more about the VHP® Products?


As user or prospective user:

Do you, as a user or prospective user, want to know more about our products? See our products on this site or product sites on how it works, the costs and other possibilities. If you want to order the product please contact the suppliers in your country. There’s no importer or shop that sells Vital health products? Then just send us a mail so that we can help you further.

As an importer:
Are you an importer who is interested in our products and wants more information? You can leave a message via the answer form. We will gladly send you an extensive information package and a number of examples and samples.

As a webshop or shopping chain or different:

For more information as a webshop or shopping chain please use our Contact information page on this site. This is where you will find the importers for each area available. You can then contact your importer directly. If there is no importer available in your country yet you can contact us using the request form.

We like to welcome you and will inform you directly or latest within 24 hours, depending on the time difference involved. 

Call + 63-9176373873