Care4Breath Program

Why the NasiVent Care4Breath program?

The Care4Breath program is part of Vital Health Products Ltd. which can contribute beside the conventional distribution, in a social way to the improvement of health in general. In particular the health of people of older age, as this group of people usually unconsciously breathe less healthy, with a result of which the general health is unintentionally reduced due to decreased endothelial  production of nitric oxide. With this program we promote healthy breathing, in which we can promote the wellbeing of this group of people.

In General 

In first line, all disciplines in our body are function jointly, but breathing is one of the more important functions within our system. For a long time the importance of proper breathing (By using the nose as much as possible) has remained underexposed in the medical world, but fortunately this has changed in recent years. People have become more aware that correct breathing is indispensable for a good health. A large number of studies are available that shows that many Geriatric disorders can be prevented by the correct way of breathing,  and sometimes even can reversed. This all based on the availability of nitric oxide in our system.  

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Vital Health Products has been specialized in the field of breathing and breathing techniques for over the 9 years and has developed several products for this purpose. Examples include the NasiVent Sport, an Anti Sleep Apnea Tube and the Yoga Prana Tube. Due to the growing demand for our products by doctors in general (in Germany at this moment we do serve 1500+ ENT doctors and some hospitals) for use by the elderly, we have answered this requests by creating a personal approach to the client, using the best avenues available. 


The experience of the past few years shows that people who are older (60/65+) and using this breathe aids they generally sleep better, high blood pressure reduces, and various other physical and mental problems decreases, which greatly improves the feeling of well-being in general. The background to this is that if you breathe the correct way and therefore more through the nose, the loss of the production of Nitric oxide is limited. As we get older, the natural production of NO is becoming less and less. At the age of 60 years, only 20 to 15% Nitric oxide is produced through our blood system. (endothelial cells lining in the the arteries). If we now ensure that we will breathe in a healthier way (through the nose 6000 time a night) we will extract more Nitric oxide from our sinuses. Our sinuses naturally produces Nitric oxide. Short-breathed or people who use the mouth for breathing are missing this important Nitric oxide.

According to a research of GlaxoSmithKline, especially in the night 60% + of the people are breathing through the mouth, (e.g. sleep apnea, Nasal cycle, wrong posture etc.) When nightly wrong breathing occurs, the bad habit usually occurs also during the day. At night, however, we breathe in and out on average 6,000 times over a time of about 8 hours. If we do this now as much as possible through the nose we do receive more Nitric oxide which translates into the above statement. The favorable results are noticeable from day one, and from day one, and also we all clearly notices the difference when awakening.

Care4Breath Program.

The Care4Breath program is being used by VHP as the first in the Netherlands where we support healthcare by improving health through optimal breathing.  As VHP has office in the USA too, we feel this program can work-out in the US positive too. The program is designed in such a way that the user can order a product at a minimal cost, as the product (the Nasivent nose dilator) as it can produced with a lower return,  by producing a higher number so that we all can benefit. This indirectly results in a positive effect for the health care institution, but also for the caregiver/worker, as due to this positive effect by the client, results in less care because the client, he or she can maintain himself longer by feeling better and fitter. Indications such as fatigue, common infections, and memory loss greatly reduce. Please see the Brazilian study from 2015. 

Research GSK

GlaxoSmithKline Plc. (GSK) is an English pharmaceutical company that markets a disposable nose patch/ plaster for one time use. GSK carried out a study in 2015 into mouth breathing, of which the results are:



It happens during the allergy season or when you have a cold or when you sleep in the wrong position due to the Nasal Cycle.  our nose is blocked and nose breathing is difficult. We are then mouth breathers.

Breathing through the nose is preferred by your body; It improves, among other things, the ability of your lungs to absorb more oxygen and more Nitric oxide which is important for an overall good condition. A blocked nose make breathing through the nose for them more difficult, especially at night.

Recently we know that Nitric oxide in the blood is co-responsible for a correct oxygen exchange to the cells. However, the natural production of NO decreases as we age. This can be corrected by better breathing through the nose. Optimal oxygen exchange is decisive for our health and well-being. The results of the above Glaxo Smith Kline study among 1001 people show that 61% of people wake up with a dry mouth. A dry mouth generally develops when breathing through the mouth. This results for the people in for 72% feeling less strong at the day, and the sense of well-being is reduced by 61%. Mentally, there are more problems too like memory loss etc.
GlaxoSmithKline is a prominent pharmaceutical company (Sixth place in the world market) that markets a disposable nose patch for external use on the nose. (external nasal device) However, this disposable plaster is expensive in use, difficult to apply and is not suitable for sensitive (older) skin. Pls see the Clinical valuation in this site. (         ) This aspect was one of the reasons for the development of the Nasivent Tube.

The Nasivent Tube is a soft silicone dilator, which is used inside the nose. It adopts the model of the nose/nostril and is therefore very comfortable while supporting the nostrils and keeping the nose open. A special medically justified, ergonomic design makes it stay the entire night and does not fall out. The NasiVent tube is patented and the model is protected.

Description of the NasiVent program;

The program is simple and does not require an extra effort or additional burden on the personal care provider. The product and the reason for use can be discussed and explained as a new and interesting subject during a social conversation with the client. Conversations what take place anyway, during visits. A handy simple test with the 5 size test-set ensures that the client can experience the important difference in breathing. (The client will experience by a first use an extreme  "Free-breathing feeling"  Because most people also breathe through the mouth during the day. The positive difference in breathing can be easily noticed.

In practice

The Healthcare Institution orders one or more NasiVent "test-sets" free of charge from VHP.  A test-set consists of a small handy box (12 x 7.5 cm) with space for one set of Nasivent tubes which consist out of 5 sizes. X-Small, Small, Medium, large and X-Large. This-set can be used to make the client experience the "free breathe feeling"  and to find the right size at the same time. All noses are unique and all with different sizes. Even small ladys can own large nostrils, and the other way round. The test-tubes can be used and re-used, as they can be simply washed with lukewarm water and soap, to get rid of bacteria and dirt. 

If there is a suspicion that a client needs a NasiVent to reduce shortness of breath or mouth breathing, the care giver or employee's can discuss and advise the client. After a brief explanation and experiencing the "free-breath-feeling" which feeling is experienced as particularly pleasant, it is clear to the client whether she or he will use the NasiVent or not. After that a 2 or 3 Pack of NasiVent of one size can then be ordered online with the correct (personal size).

When ordering online, the health care worker can advise or assist when necessary. The NasiVent is sent by mail or UPS, completed with extra information concerning use and maintenance (how to put in, about cleaning, etc.) In case of a success with this program, the NasiVent Tube can be purchased by client  or insurance company at a minimal production rate at a minimal cost, vs. an optimal benefit and wellbeing.

Nasivent/NasalVent Test box. 5 sizes to find the correct  personal size of the client. (Reusable) Dimensions box: 12.5 x 8 x 2 cm. 

Medical device.

The NasiVent tube as a "nasal dilator", is rated under class 1 as a medical device in the USA (FDA /OTC) and does not require pre-registration and meets the essential requirements from the FTC/FDA guidelines. This product cannot be misused, man can not receive an overdose, and no negative side effects are known or reported. Meanwhile there are many thousands of users worldwide over the past 9 years, with merely positive sounds and reactions and reviews.

The tube design is patented on the model and an utility patent is pending. They are ergonomically designed and follow the structure of the nostrils and can be adjusted to the depth of the nose for total comfort. Because of this design, the feeling of wearing is practically zero, which prevents subconscious rubbing out. The tubes are easy to insert and experience shows that once used, the pleasant feeling of "breathing freely" is a reason that man does not forget to "put in" before bedtime.


People get used to it quickly and continue to use it. The tubes are made of very soft medical silicone with a grade that complies with the FDA directive. The tubes can easily be cleaned with warm water and normal soap. They are durable and can be used for years.

Because the costs for the client are minimal, (a few dollars and durable) and there is a high form of certainty in advance, at the moment there is no particular reason to wait for a acceptance of a health care grand. (FDA class 1 device). This way we can bypass the bureaucratic way what take a long time and is a way with many bumps, what withhold unnecessary wellbeing of the people in general. Our feeling and experience is that because of a low purchase price and the high return in wellbeing, the member or client will be glad to carry the cost themself.  

The reason for a Home-health-care-provider to help to promote the NasiVent Tube under their clients, lies in the facts, that both parties will benefit. When the client is in better health, personal independence and wellbeing

increase, what results in simplification of care.   


Example packaging: "Nasivent Tube Plus" Retail packaging "Family - Starter pack".
Why Normal Breathing "Care4Breath' information folder with information on use and learning better breathing. 

Specify execution.

If you are interested and you like to receive more information about this program, for to carry out a pilot, or have a closer look, you can freely place a free test/sample order via the contact page, or you can contact our office in Santa Fe, by phone. Please ask for Mr. Tom Nunes.  We would like to inform you about further possibilities.

We therefore look forward to your positive response.



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