The Humming Mask
Prevents and Reverses

Age Ailments

The Humming Mask is a massage device to recover our important Nitric oxide in our system.  

It works with a low frequency (90 to 110 Hertz) which gently and pleasant resonates at five locations on the head; 2 x Forehead, (Frontal sinuses) 2x cheekbones, (Maxillary sinuses) and nose bone for the Sphenoid sinuses. The air in the cavities of the head (sinuses) will start to resonate due to the precise frequency. In addition to the resonating, the location, intensity and timing of the frequency is important. A program in the base of the Humming mask controls this. Due to this humming effect we can inhale the air through our Ostium's via the nostrils, including higher but small amounts of Nitric oxide (NO) what will be distributed through the lungs in the blood for an optimal oxygen exchange.


​The Humming mask is available in Europe and is distributed through different Complementary practices. (Alternative Healers), based on flexible renting / lease programs. 

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