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  NasiVent Tube
Healthy breathing covered by the "Nasivent Tube"
There are different model tubes, for quality and function. Functions are: 

1. Nasivent Tube Care4Breath.  This model tube is ultra soft nasal tube and comes in 5 different sizes as "starter pack"  After finding the right size 3 and 4 pack single size packing is available. This product is used for larger projects and can be custom packed. This product is patented.    

2. Sleep apnea Aid.  The sleep apnea aid is a spesial tube that can be used when using a CPAP machine. The model is slightly different than the NasiVent Balance. This product is patented.    

3. Sport Tube for More Power. The Nasivent Sport is a soft but strong quality silicone. The model is provided with an extra large holdfast for in the nose tip. This way slib-out is eliminated even when the nostrils are wet. This product is patented.    

4. The Yoga Prana Tube. The Yoga prane Tube is developed for nightly healthy breathing, using slightly air resistance. The Tubes are made from ultra soft silicone with internally air regulerend valves. This product is under development and will be available later in 2018. The YPT is model protected and patent pending.  

5. The humming mask. The Humming Mask is a massage device to recover our important Nitric oxide in our system. It works with a low frequency (90 to 110 Hertz) which gently....(read more) 








NasiVent Tube No Snore Assure (As seen on TV)

  • Anti Snoring Aid

  • Low cost Try-Out

  • Relieve and  Comfort

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